When you go shopping for clothes do you get depressed about how things look and end up feeling fat and fed up? Do you come away feeling low and think you’ll never find anything that looks good?


Or are you faced with a wardrobe full of clothes but can never find anything to wear? So you end up wearing the same thing time and time again, making you feel low in confidence and self-esteem? Believe me you are not alone in this! The key to knowing what looks good for you is understanding your style personality, how to dress for your body shape and getting the right colours for your skin tone. This is key to your transformation, because changing your image and the way you feel about yourself will change your life. Don’t know where to start? Let me break it down for you.


When we try something on and it’s just not right it will either be or a combination of the colour, the fit or the personality is just not right for you. The key to transforming how you look is all about getting the right colour and understanding how to dress for your body shape as well as dressing for your style personality. Once you have gone through these steps sorting your wardrobe out will be as easy as A-B-C.


When it comes to clothes, choosing colours that suit your skin tone can perform miracles. Colour is very powerful in changing your look, and wearing colours that suit your skin tone will enhance your best features and instantly make you look younger, slimmer and will naturally give you a face lift. Yes it’s true! Your skin will become clearer, dark lines, circles and blemishes will be reduced or even completely disappear. And equally the opposite can occur so rather than your complexion looking withdrawn and tired, you will look healthier, tanned and your eyes will pop with colour.


Wearing the right colour really can be that dramatic!


Remember what looks good on someone else does not mean it will look good on you, you are unique and beautiful so don’t compare yourself to others.


Lets talk about the science behind colour…



Take our primary colours red, yellow and blue. If we put red in the centre of the spectrum and add yellow we get warm colours and if we add blue to red we will get cool colours. This is the first thing you need to define. Do you suit warm or cool colours?



You can do this by looking at your veins on the inside of your wrist; if you have greener veins this means you suit warm colours and if your veins are more blue you will suit cool colours?


From there we need to look at colour saturation, do you suit pure vibrant colours or more muted greyed out tones?


You can do this by finding a place that is full of natural light and using a big mirror hold different colours up to your face.


If it’s the right colour:

  • Your face will naturally lift and your eyes will pop with colour
  • The appearance of your skin will look healthier and brighter, like you have a natural tan
  • Your complexion will become clearer and you will notice dark circles disappear
  • You will stand out rather than the colour you are holding


If it’s the wrong colour:

  • You will notice dark shadows and circles around your eyes, neck or chin
  • Your face will look drained of colour, dull, grey, sallow or tired
  • The colour will stand out rather than You


If this all sounds a bit overwhelming and you cant figure it out, then help is at hand. We can complete a full colour analysis for you on a 1-2-1 basis or hold a class for a group who want to journey into colour together.


What will you get from a Colour Consultation?

  • We will teach you the science behind colour and how to make colour work for you
  • Together we will look at the right colours for you that will make you look healthier, younger and slimmer, so you can avoid the ones that don’t
  • Receive a personalised swatch with your best colours for ease with shopping and coordinating outfits
  • A hair consultation, so you will never have a bad hair day again
  • Advice on the most complimentary jewellery and cosmetics to use


Having a full colour analysis will give you the tools and knowledge to look and feel amazing. It really is life changing! Wearing the right colours will make you look good, feel great and will give your confidence a real boost. Knowing which colours to choose will also make it easier to combine and coordinate clothes, express your style personality, and get plenty of compliments. Just think by using a palette of colours that is perfect for you, you can always match existing clothing and accessories you already own, and never spend money on something that you can’t make into an outfit ever again.


So get started on this amazing journey of colour and style that will transform your life, and learn so much more about yourself and get rid of expensive mistakes that we keep making again and again. You will certainly spend less time stressed out about nothing to wear, which ultimately comes from a wardrobe full of mismatched items, lack of co-ordination and clashing colours. No wonder we can all feel overwhelmed! But, before you even go near your wardrobe start with getting your colours right, a full colour analysis will give you a lot more understanding, help and confidence with getting it right. Then look at your body shape and style personality. When you know the right colours, style and fit de-cluttering your wardrobe will be easy.


We will look at body shapes in more depth in our next blog as well as an easy step by step guide to getting a wardrobe free of clutter and bursting with colour and style, and let feelings of despair by the thought of nothing to wear be a thing of the past. Being able to pick clothes out of your wardrobe that will automatically go together will make life so much more easierso don’t give up. Just think more outfits, more combinations! You will be able to maximise the number of outfits you have with a minimum number of garments for easy co-ordination. Going through this process in this way will eliminate things from your wardrobe as you go, and when you come to the wardrobe de-cluttering task it will be so easy.


In today’s society we need to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, so get confidence in your appearance with our colour and style programme.


Services we offer include - 

Colour Consultations - Full colour analysis

Style Consultations - includes style personality and body shapes

Full Image Consultation – includes both colour and style consultations

Wardrobe de-clutter and optimisation

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