We are at that time of year where, yes we can still wear black whenever we want to but, we can also put away those drab, dull coats and throw on our patterned jackets, strappy sandals and sunglasses and bask in the warm summer weather. This season it's all about bold colours, a bold jumpsuit, an eye catching maxi dress - the bolder the better. 


Pink has managed to regain its status as a must have colour this season, with both bold pinks and pastel pinks featuring heavily in many collections. Whether you want to look gentle and feminine with a pastel dress or fierce and edgy in a bright waistcoat, pink is the colour that will achieve these goals. Adding quieter or contrasting colours such as white can help to stop the boldness from becoming overwhelming. Clutch bags help to stop your outfit from becoming too casual whilst the perfect pair of black heels adds that subtle sense of edgy rebellion.



If you're not the biggest fan of pink in the world, fear not for there is always an alternative to those bright, feminine colours. Blue is another colour that is often thrown into the autumn/winter category, when it so often creates a palette in any summer wardrobe. Pairing various shades of blue, with darker colours adds that subtle hint of rebellion against the warm weather, whilst creating a chic summery outfit - perfect for any summer occasion.


This season, the inspiration for blue is coming directly from the ocean. Natural ocean shades of blue, green and white all combine to create a beautiful natural palette, ideal for looking natural and summery this season. Pairing strong blues with a clean white base or adding a patterned jacket allows for you to seamlessly switch between urban socialite and professional business chic. 



When it comes to shoes and accessories they can either be the supporting part or the statement piece of your summer wardrobe. Pairing a strong blue maxi dress or blouse with mellow colours such as white and green allow for the summery tones to come through without being overshadowed by the strength of the blue. When it comes to the heels, stick with the softer, warmer colours such as light blue or soft green and of course if you need to add that extra dose of brightness or you need to calm down a bold outfit add a dash of white.  


If you're not feeling the bold colours, the tropical palettes and the call of the summer, well then, simply stick with the ever reliable white. Whilst white is typically seen as being the dull choice of colours, this year it has been given new life. Different cuts, patterns and fabrics mean that you can tie it together with muted colours such as beige and pale blue or wear a statement all white outfit. The juxtaposition between the warm, bold colours of summer with a calm neutral outfit means that you're always sure to stand out. 




When it comes to getting the neutral look, the key is to remember that less is always more. Pairing a bold white jacket with nude heels creates a quiet confidence, whilst gold jewellery adds swarve sophistication. The neutral look is easily interchangeable, with shoes easily being switched from heels to flats and a dress easily becoming well fitted trousers and a neutral blouse.


The key thing to remember is that when you're wearing white - every sip of coffee or glass of red wine is a potential hazard so be warned! 


Whilst most of us start reaching for the bold, crazy colours this spring/summer season there is an ever-growing popularity of warm, neutral colours such as coral and nude. I know most people would think the idea of not wearing warm, bold colours run off until autumn, but these palettes allow for just that subtle hint of summer. Dip your toe into the water with cool pinks, calm browns and as always - black.  


Pairing a pale pink blouse with a light brown, or beige coat provides an almost etherial sense of elegance and class, whilst also suggesting that you're ready for whatever the weather has to throw at you. Combining the two colours with either a smart pair of white trousers or a long skirt means that your wardrobe can shift seamlessly whatever the occasion. In terms of shoes, well this is the fun part - throw on a pair of heels to create that angle of power and business, or throw on a pair of flats to go shopping with friends. This season the neutral palette allows for an easy transition from day to night, or casual to professional.



When it comes to combining the shades of pale pink, nude or mauve it is always entirely dependent on the outfit in question. If its a night out then of course go with a pale pink dress, and a nude coloured clutch bag and black heels. However when it comes to dressing for somewhere such as the workplace it requires a lot more strategic planning. A pale pink blouse paired with a white midi skirt and black heels, provides a contemporary style, whilst a light mauve or similar shade of pale pink, ties the outfit together, to create a wonderful neutral style that stays fresh and modern. 


Whether you're avoiding the sun or you're just not someone who wants to cover themselves in bold patterns and colours- the baked earth trend will certainly be for you. With its focus on earth tones such as brown, red and orange, it allows for you to add a small splash of colour to your wardrobe, whilst maintaining a safe distance from all of those summery colours. Working earth colours into a work outfit or simply wearing a brown or red dress, allows for you to add these tones to your look and create a wardrobe that will surely mean that all sunglass-covered eyes are on you. 




Dressing with earth tones allows for flexibility when it comes to creating that key look. Pairing brown suede wedges with a nude coloured skirt creates a fun professional look, whilst pairing a patchwork skirt with brown over the knee boots creates a vintage twist. Earth tones can be used either by themselves or you can work them into your wardrobe to either jazz it up - or maybe calm down a few of those over the top colours that you have hidden at the back of your wardrobe. To make sure you don't end up looking like you've taken part in a mud-fight, add a few warmer colours that complement the tones such as white and pale blue - these allow you to make sure that you stand out, rather than simply resembling a tree. 


Whether you're in a tropical location or in you're back garden having a party its all about the warm, sunset colours this season - colours such as red, orange and yellow combine this season to make sure that you stand out this spring/summer season, combining different shades and mixing palettes means that this will be your most adventurous summer yet.



When it comes to creating the bold tropical patterns of summer, its all about choosing what pieces flatter you the most. For some, a bold orange maxi dress is the easy choice, it flatters their figure and suits them perfectly, for others it may be a case of finding which pieces flatter you and create a flawless summer style. If you're a fan of bold summer colours and want to experiment as much as possible try different combinations of colour, such as a muted orange blouse paired with bold red trousers and black heels, creating a fierce ensemble.


If you want to simply add a small splash of colour then try adding different pieces to your existing wardrobe; an orange skirt, or a yellow dress can be used as statement pieces that you can either dress up or down depending on the occasion.

When it comes to bold colours don't be scared, don't reach for that black t-shirt and black jeans combo, just take your time and find the pieces that flatter you the most.