American Western

This classic American trend draws from a blend of the cowboy and the native american indian, two styles that when blended together create warm, bold tones perfect for beating those winter blues. Traditional tones of blue and olive complement one another, with the olive tones immersing you in the depths of autumn and the sky blue tones creating that glint of springtime. Natural shades again create that idea of being outdoors with patterned fabrics creating a bold and eye catching style. 




This clash between bold patterned prints and subtle tones allows for plenty of coordination, a patterned cape or jacket over a stone coloured buttoned-shirt creates the illusion of being outdoors all day whilst also helping you to keep warm in our arctic British winters. The classic combination of dark brown and light blue again create this illusion, with dark brown casual trousers and a crisp sky blue shirt creating a traditional western theme. Denim is a perfect staple for creating that rustic american look, whether it be a pair of dark blue jeans or a light denim shirt - both aid in creating that worn, hard-working look. 


If you're put off by the idea of going completely native then pair a neutral coloured jacket of black or brown with a bold shirt and patterned trousers - creating that subtle western style without the need to throw on too much denim, whilst also creating an elegant edge to it. Adding a pair of suede boots creates the illusion of working hard in the sun all day, creating the perfect western cowboy look. When it comes to accessories, smaller and subtle bags and belts help to keep any outfit from looking too over the top - bringing it back to a level of comfort and elegance (with a hint of the rebellious cowboy). 


Tough 90's

The rejuvenation of 90's fashion is one that we can all applaud, the era when grunge and urban fashion burst on to the scene and made us ditch the bold neon colours and embrace the dark urban tones that so many of us are thankful for. When it comes to embracing the 90's style its all about the casual, dressed down approach - effortless but at the same time clean and sharp. 




Embracing that sense of being relaxed and detached requires muted tones such as grey and brown - adding these colours creates that sense of being invisible and muted, whilst pairing them with colours such as black immediately create that bold sense of rebellion. The classic oversized jumper again adds to this idea of not being interested in how you look but at the same time pairing it with slim fit jeans creates a polished and tidy silhouette perfect for updating an otherwise tired and dated look. Creating that edgy sporty look means embracing the classic puffer jacket, a bane on any 1990's man it today allows for that sense of being edgy and sporty but also comfortable, especially when it is combined with a pair of skinny jeans and some bold trainers. 


Combining that idea of the clean-shaven sport lover with the rebellious rocker requires a mix of muted tones and simple knits. Mixing muted colours with more popular colours such as black means that whilst you can created that classic urban look, you can still maintain that modern smart/casual attitude. Stripe and Checked fabrics are particularly popular for adding that bold colour block that transforms the quiet gentleman into the loud urban rebel. Adding classic converse or some big black military boots ensures that you can seamlessly switch from preppy sportsman to grungy urbanite. The look plays on the sense of smart/casual so there is no need to worry about looking as if you need a shower and a haircut. 



When the phrase 'the 70's are back' is uttered, there are two different emotions that come to mind; excitement or dread. Over the past few seasons the idea of vintage or throwback clothing has slowly developed to the point where it has fused with the modern colours and styles that we see everyday on the high street. Forget hairy chests and questionable accessories - its all about classic knits and tailored, chic styles. 




Embracing the classic trends of the yesteryears its all about adding that modern twist in order to make it fit in with popular styles. Using muted tones of dark brown and burgundy paired with bolder patterns allows for that dramatic flair, without going too over the top. Adding a warm coloured turtleneck to a fitted dark suit allows for a professional style whilst maintaining a sense of the casual businessmen. Throwing a bold patterned t-shirt or jumper together with a large neutral coat creates that vintage vibe, perfect for that awkward transition between the cold winter nights and the warmer spring evening. 


When it comes to adding a sense of luxury to an otherwise casual retro outfit, a smart leather bag always adds a sense of luxury to any wardrobe. A bold leather bag, either a satchel or holdall adds a sense of decadence to the outfit but it also allows for it to be dragged back into the 21st century. Adding a formal pair of suede or leather boots creates the illusion of being in a different era allowing for either a business-man like formality in the day or an evening in the local bar. Never forget however, when it comes to worrying about what to wear with that classic, bold print jumper - black is always the number one choice. 


The Military Throwback

This Autumn/Winter season, military is making a big comeback. Whilst it has previously been reserved for the grungy or rebellious among us, it has now shifted into the mainstream with the patterns and colours being featured in many mens fashion collections. Khaki, Olive and Grey are but a few of the staple colours that make the military theme perfect for those wishing to stand out and beat the winter blues. Adding darker, heavier colours to a light palette of blues and soft greys creates the perfect silhouette for the professional gentleman or the laid-back everyday man. 




Mixing warm,softer shades of blue and grey allow for a subtle suggestion of warmer and brighter times to come whilst the darker bolder colours allow for you to immerse yourself in the dark, autumnal landscape. Adding neat, small accessories means that whilst you create the subtle hint of edginess and rebellion you can still maintain that busy and professional demeanour. Camouflage print can be used as either a bold accessory or as a subtle accent to an otherwise simple style. 


Whether you're making that came jacket or that khaki shirt your statement piece, finishing the outfit with a pair of black chelsea boots is the perfect way to tie together your outfit - tying them in with a crisp white shirt creates a professional, crisp military tone or alternatively pairing the boots with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and an oversized jumper creates the ultimate rebel.