About Us

Roseannah is a fairly traded and ethically sourced clothing and accessories fashion brand, driven by style and motivated by a desire for fairtrade in the fashion industry, forming partnerships with organisations that empower workers worldwide. 


We work with marginalised communities, vulnerable people groups and lives affected by tragedy in India, Africa, Asia and the UK, establishing sustainable sources of income and providing life changing skills and training.  


Our mission is to restore lives affected by poverty in developing countries, giving people the opportunity to take back control of their lives through trade, keeping children off the streets and putting them in education. We work with widows in Vietnam, who produce our beautiful hand-woven cruelty free silk scarves. Many of our products help bring economic independence to lives affected by sexual violence and the horrors of human trafficking, and some of our jewellery is made by survivors in Asia.


As well as assisting developing countries we work directly with survivors of human trafficking in the UK, providing work experience opportunities, coaching and personal development.


All our products bring a story of hope and lives transformed. 


We sell our products online, in shops and at home parties, in order to make a difference to these peoples lives. Our goal is to raise awareness about trade ethics, to transform the lives of workers, and to provide customers with a fashionable elegant product and a memorable shopping experience.