Destiny Rescue




Part of our 'STOP the Traffick!' Collection and Destiny Rescue Campaign. £5 of the sale of these stunning bracelets goes to support our 'Destiny Rescue Campaign'. We aim to raise $1500 to send undercover agents into the darkest places on earth, risking their own lives to help children escape from the clutches of traffickers. These vital funds will rescue a child and give them a new life, through Destiny Rescue an international charity dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Destiny Rescue has rescued hundreds of children enslaved around the world, and ensures hundreds more do not enter the sex-trade through various prevention programmes. They work in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Myanmar (Burma) and the Philippines, rescuing, restoring, protecting, empowering and being a voice for vulnerable children.


You can also support the 'Destiny Rescue Campaign' by hosting a party, as we donate 10% of party sales directly to the campaign. In addition 10% of all sales from our website also goes to our 'STOP the Traffick!'campaign, which supports a local anti-trafficking charity in Sheffield called the Snowdrop Project.  


This campaign has now ended.