With Spring almost upon us, its time to have a look at whats coming next...

We've broken down this seasons styles into three macro trends, which are full of vibrant colours, bold prints and luxurious fabric finishes.


Digital Fashion

This trend has sports running through its casual wear, with a playful update through bold and distorted patterns. From pixelated patterns, perforations and blurred graphics, to checks, stripes and cartoon spots, this trend is all about print to tell its story. This sporty look also sees a real glamour overhaul, with allover sequins and high shine finishes, great for summer parties. Perforated fabrics and sheer stripes bring a cheeky update to fitted dresses and basics. 

Some luxurious fabrics, subdued colours and soft focus bring a dreamy feel to occasion wear. Beautiful sheer over-layered dresses that are perfect for weddings, and transitioning from day to night. Knots and ruches around the waist bring figure flattering silhouettes and accessories and footwear are transformed with iridescent hues. 





The Tropics

The lush and green tropical foliage of the rainforest influences this trend, bringing a wild and exotic vibe. Botanical prints and vivid colours play their part, in bringing this celebration of nature alive. Bold but casual, these tropical prints give beach glamour and resort styling a vibrant kick. Carnival colours and bold patterns makeover the skinny jean and jersey dress, bringing a bold update to casual staples.






Exploring ideas of deconstruction, reconstruction and refinement, this trend brings both asymmetry and symmetry. Sculptural splicing and different tones reinvent knee length fitted dresses, for great day to night transition.

Occasion wear brings a sultry desert elegance with billowing silks and rustic prints, creating fluid voluminous silhouettes for high summer. The halter neck maxi brings added sophisticated elegance, with flowing fabrics and 1970's styling, perfect for festivals and resorts. Mosaic prints and tiling bringing an african nomadic influence to the kaftan maxi dress and handkerchief hem kaftan top.