It's that time of the year when fashion is evolving and new trends are being born, with winter on its way out, lets have a look at what lies ahead.

Colours and comfort are the key elements that influence the trends coming through for Autumn Winter 2016. Lets take a closer look at the up and coming mega trends. 




Vibrant colours, especially cobalt blue and orange dominate this trend. Many pieces have more than one pattern, creating a vivacious vibe to make sure that you stand out this season. Colour blocking with bold oranges and yellows helps to drag that summer vibe into your autumn/winter wardrobe, pairing bold dresses and blouses with muted shoes and accessories means that all the focus will be on you this season. To get the Offbeat style vibe, check out our Pinterest board.





This trend will allow you to experiment with accessories and scarves; the contrast between grey, simple clothes and bold, colourful accessories will create the look. These clothes again are quite loose or oversized, but the monotone colour scheme makes this trend quite edgy. If you have every shade of grey in your wardrobe, nows the time to take them out. When it comes to skirts, dresses and coats, the longer the better, creating a flowing silhouette. Perfect for lazy days or even when you're in a rush, this look is full of sophistication. Check out our Pinterest board for more elemental styling.





The boho look is still in style, so don't get rid of those fringe tops yet. This trend is focused on earthy colours, with an emphasis on orange and sky blue. Popular on the catwalks in the UK, but have also been seen at New York Fashion Week. This style oozes culture, with exotic aztec patterns, vibrant colours and warm tones. Spilling over into men's fashion this travel inspired trend brings gorgeous patterned quilts and warm-toned scarves, creating that deeper evolving nomadic look. For more rustic styles see our latest Pinterest board.





Another trend seen at New York Fashion Week. This mega trend is inspired by historical fashion, with a gothic twist. Thin waists and flared skirts create a dramatic silhouette. Decorations on the shoulders give the outfit a theatrical theme. Antique accessories will capture the look, and add an air of drama and mystery. See how this theatrical trend is developing with more styles on our Pinterest board.