Living Hope was started in early 2008 and is currently committed to transforming the lives of 1,200 women in Kampala and 900 women in Gulu. Most of the women at Living Hope are HIV+ single mothers who have struggled to take care of their children. Some were forced into marriage as young girls; others became child soldiers when rebels abducted them during the war that has devastated Northern Uganda the past three decades. Many of these women have been physically disfigured and mutilated by rebel soldiers for resisting abduction or trying to escape captivity. These wounds and scars are a constant reminder of their past and partly why their families and community reject them.

As part of their restoration Watoto provides opportunities for those who have been disfigured to undergo reconstructive surgery. Living Hope also seeks to restore dignity in the lives of these women by improving quality of life, assisting them with basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. They provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS care including counselling and psychosocial support. Living Hope brings training that equips the women with vocational skills, enabling them to become productive members of their community, setting up self-sustainable, income-generating projects using micro-finance loans, as well as spiritual and moral discipleship.

Living Hope Centre’s in Gulu and Kampala are a safe haven for many women, where they are given the opportunity to regain control of their lives. 

EMBRACE - Reaching out to the most vulnerable women by caring for their basic and essential needs.

EMPOWER - Developing and growing their life skills so they can build a sustainable life of dignity.

ENGAGE - Helping women to become successful business women and pillars of influence in their communities.