Colour Consultations



Does going shopping for clothes fill you with dread? Does trying to find the right fit and colours to suit you become exhausting, and you come away feeling low and think you’ll never find anything that looks good to wear?


Believe me you are not alone in this! It can be very overwhelming when you simply can’t find anything to wear.


So lets go on a journey of colour and style together that will solve this problem once and for all and change your life for good.




First you need to find the colours that love you!




Colour is very powerful in changing your look, and wearing colours that suit your skin tone will enhance your best features and instantly make you look younger, slimmer and will naturally give you a face lift. Yes it’s true! Your skin will become clearer, dark lines, circles and blemishes will be reduced or even completely disappear. Rather than your complexion looking withdrawn and tired, you will look healthier, tanned and your eyes pop with colour.


Wearing the right colour really can be that dramatic! 


Your personal colour analysis


Our Stylists will teach you how to look for the right colours when out shopping that will make you look healthier, younger and slimmer, and avoid the ones that don’t, giving you the tools and knowledge to look and feel amazing and will give your confidence a real boost.


What to expect from a Colour Consultation

  • We will teach you the science behind colour and how to make colour work for you

  • Receive a personalised swatch with your best colours for ease with shopping and coordinating outfits

  • A hair consultation, so you will never have a bad hair day again

  • Advice on the most complimentary jewellery and cosmetics to use


Knowing which colours to choose will also make it easier to combine and coordinate clothes, express your style personality, and get plenty of compliments. Just think by using a palette of colours that is perfect for you, you can always match existing clothing and accessories you already own, and never spend money on something that you can’t make into an outfit ever again.


Get on the road to a wardrobe that will be bursting with colour and style, and let feelings of despair by the thought of nothing to wear be a thing of the past.



1-2-1 Colour consultation £145pp

Classes for 2-3 people £120pp


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