The process of making silk is one that has remained largely unchanged since its inception hundreds of years ago however Peace Silk (also known as tassel silk) is a process that is aimed at creating an entirely new method.


The more well-known process of collecting silk is still the most widely used method, it is hoped that by continually supporting those that use the cruelty free method, businesses will slowly begin to change their methods to one that benefits both the people that collect the silk, and the worms that create the silk.


Peace silk is a method aimed at extracting the silk from the cocoon but only after the silk worm has left the cocoon. This process means that whilst we benefit from gaining the silk that is needed for manufacturing, the silk worm is left unaffected. Normal manufacturing methods for silk involved boiling the cocoon in order to get the silk released, whilst this does mean that manufacturers gain access to the silk, it also means that the worm inside of the cocoon is effectively being boiled alive.


Here at Roseannah we use fabrics sourced from Peace Silk because, even though we are striving to make ethical changes for those that are suffering, we are also fighting to make sure that we can prevent any unethical treatment of animals or insects that can often be harmed. By using this particular type of silk we are also supporting those that use this cruelty free type of process, effectively supporting both the ethical process and the workers who carry it out.


The scarves on our website ( are all created from Peace Silk, further demonstrating that something beautiful can be created without having to harm any insects or animals. Secondly, Roseannah is proud to source our scarves from Vietnam where those who have been victims of tragic circumstances such as war or famine, are working to create a better like for both themselves and their families.


Want to find out more about some of the Peace Silk products that we sell? Check out some of the fabulous scarves that we sell! Full of quality, but free of cruelty!