The January blues are finally over, its time to add some colour to 2016!

At Roseannah, we understand the importance of using the right colours in order to boost your look and give you a natural face lift. Colour is a wonderful tool. Let’s use it! When it’s done right, it can transform your look and make you instantly look younger and more vibrant.


So how does it work?

Our trained colour consultants are here to answer your questions. The most common one being of course: “Whatcolour actually suits me?” 



Warm or cool colours? Let's find out!

Once we have identified whether you suit warm or cool tones, we can show you how to incorporate these colours in order for you to enhanceyour look even further. Bringing you top styling tips that wont break the bank! We can show you how to use accessories to bring out and compliment your natural colour palette, in simple steps saving you time and money. We can advise you how to work the seasons colours, and what will suit you best. 

Each colour and style consultation is completely unique, and tailored to you. Knowing you look good will build your confidence in all areas of your life. Our colour and style consultations are free, so don't miss out! If you live too far away and curious about which colours suit you, send us a photo of yourself and we'll do the rest.