The festive season is upon us. As much as we’d like to think it’s all Christmas cheer, one can’t deny it’s not a stressful time for us ladies. Finding that perfect outfit for the work’s Christmas do, or the right accessories for a night out celebrating is always a daunting task.

At Roseannah, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders; and maybe put a colourful scarf on them instead! We use colour and style consultations in order to achieve the best look for our customers. From analysing skin tone, hair and eye colour, we can advise our customers which looks best suit you; whether it be a warm or a cool tone. When this is achieved, your best features will immediately be enhanced. We take this season’s fashion trends in order to create a look that not only is on trend and individual, but will also give you beams of confidence.

So, don’t stress about that party look! We can find what your personal colour palette needs; whether it be a warm, yellowy undertone or a cool, blue undertone.

Accessorising is a gift. When it’s done well, it can lift any outfit from being mundane to being fabulous. At Roseannah, we pride ourselves on being able to get it right. Whether it be some earrings that enrich your eye colour, or a necklace that compliments your Christmas party dress, our fashion team are on hand to help you save time and ultimately look amazing. 



Roseannah is a Social Impact company motivated by a desire for Fairtrade in the fashion industry. We have formed partnerships with organisations that empower thousands of workers worldwide. So not only will you look and feel good this party season, you are also supporting an amazing cause.



Check out our website, or visit one of our shops in Orchard Square in Sheffield or in Greater Manchester. At Roseannah, we also offer a service where we can come to you; we hold Roseannah Style Parties where one of our professional colour consultants can come to you and host a party for you and your friends, bringing our entire new collection to your door. This service is entirely FREE! So stay in the comfort of your own home, and let a Roseannah style consultant come to you and find the perfect look for you and your friends.